Quality Labels

Let's discover the new Quality Labels of WP:

  • Smart Control

    easy and standardized operation
    for WP machines

    At iba, the newest SmartControl innovations will be presented, such as the further development of the Navigo control, the operation software Oven Control and the INUS control for roll lines.

    “Corresponding to the claim “think process”, the WP BAKERYGROUP looks at every single step of the baking goods production, as well as the operation of production lines, as an integrated process. Standardized user interfaces for an increasing number of machines are the distinguishing mark of the new WP operation philosophy”, says Adrian van Dillen, Technical Managing Director at WP Kemper. Large production ovens, roll lines, cooling devices or – since the Internorga exhibition 2012 – also instore ovens:

    customers can find the same touchscreens with identical pictograms, colors and menus at the WP machines. In the area of front baking, a new method of customer approach is possible: “The touchscreens of the instore ovens are twice the size as before and also from a larger distance easily visible for customers. Therefore, the screens are perfect for Point of Sale advertising. That means:

    the customer’s attention can be drawn to special instore sales promotions via the touchscreens in the oven. This is a completely new way that the WP BAKERYGROUP has gone here, explains Ansgar von Garrel, Manager Marketing Communication.

  • CleanTec

    Machines with hygienic design

    At this year’s iba exhibition, WP presents another step of their CleanTec philosophy: the automation of dough production with connected cleaning, increased use of water and innovative component packages which are specially designed for increasing hygiene standards. “Especially in the process of cleaning, we put high emphasis on the transfer of knowledge. How a machine is correctly and time effectively cleaned according to hygienic standards can be taught through descriptive films and instruction material which we supply”, says Henk Snellink, CEO of WP Haton.

    The basic idea behind the WP CleanTec concept is: dirt should not occur. If it cannot be avoided, it has to be visible and easy to remove.

    Because contamination occurs through all steps of the bakery production, it is necessary to take an integrated approach like “think process” in order to guarantee a high standard of quality. From planning of building- and infrastructure to the processing of dough or the choice of the right cleaning material up to the logistics, the WP BAKERYGROUP - together with qualified partners - supports the baker in all areas.

  • GreenEnergy

    minimal Energy, maximal Efficiency

    Bakeries belong to the most energy intensive businesses in the artisan field. The operation of ovens, cooling devices and numerous electrical devices easily cause costs of 5 percent and more of the total revenue.

    The ovens have the highest amount of energy consumption with 50 to 70 percent. At iba, the WP BAKERYGROUP presents systems which save and use energy more efficient. The Matador oven with its Zyklotherm heating system is a good example because it needs up to 30 percent less energy than comparable ovens. The energy balance of the WP Pellador ovens convinces with the CO²-neutral burning of naturally finished wood pellets.

    “Ovens, which are marked with our GreenEnergy label, save money for the baker. At the iba 2012, we will demonstrate live, that energy which has been produced once, should not just vanish but can be used for further operation”, says Ulrich Hirsch, Product Manager Ovens.

  • BakingQuality

    Baking with unique quality

    Machines or lines, which bakers can produce special quality with, are marked with the BakingQuality label. A historic example is the WP Matador oven.

    Since the 1950, the Matador sets the standard in baking. Bakers in more than 130 countries use the oven in order to produce state-of-the-art crusts and taste.

    At iba, the traditional oven will shine in a new light. This high level of baking can also be achieved in instore baking – with the Matador store.

    The “little” brother of the traditional WP Matador will also be displayed in a complete new, surprising look.